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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Bee buzz bee

Upon the bridge, beneath the poles  
That holds structures, to stand not wobble  ..
Underneath the walking boards made as path.. 

I walked on, up in Lewis mead..
Bees I can hear bees..
Buzz ,beez, bee, buzzing bees..

Bees! but around here I saw no trees..
Trees, flowers that need pollinating..
So down I got, quick on my feet..
To avoid the sting, feared by my basic instinct  

Did I step on a bee buzz bee..
In steps I took on my way down stairs, on rush..
Oppsy daisy, oh my God! ..
I hope not, I did not, please not..

Then I heard a bee, buzzing bee..
Behind me, it neared me..
In my ears louder it got..
Bee, buzzzing bee..
A swarm of bees, to feast on me..

But for the nectar on flowers beside me..
Smelt so nice , it lured them with sweetness ..
And away, away they went to harvest ..
Away they went, bees buzzing bees 

Bee, buzzing ,bee, buzz..
And for the honey they made so delicious ..
Plentiful in factories loads to fester   

To have my candy  
I robbed  their syrupy,..
With smoke in my hands, to daze them 
To calm their nerves; clam, clam down dear ..

And on my tongue hmmm, honey sweet suckle 
Honey melts with sweetness it tingles ..
Bees, buzzing bees, buzz 
Your honey so sweet!! ..

So sorry I dazed you
Oops, bees buzzing, bees 
Bee, buzzing bee, buzz 
Run run run, they are coming back run 
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