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Thursday, 10 June 2010

My crumbs on Tables

If this is what, we have to do..
To earn a crust, my crumbs, 
My crust, my crumbs on tables..
Thank God, we did not go for a whole loaf..

But the government did, and the banker did..
Miss piggy bank, piggy bank, had a big appetite.. 
But then, gobbled a bit, too much..

Greed, on taste and had a big leak..
And piggy bank, piggy bank , lost some weight..
But no one noticed until the fat lady lost her voice..

For who much is given, much is expected..
Not for these lot, they were never told before..
And now the government, wants my feed..

Now the banker, wants my feed..
And now the fat lady, needs my feed..
She just called it, a fancy word “Austerity”..
Starve me dry, Oliver Twist in my pocket..
Bleeding me dry..

But all I worked for..
Was for my crust, my crumbs, 
My crust, I need my feed..
To tell you the truth..
It has been hard..

If this is what, we have to do
To earn a crust..
Thank God we did not..
Go for a whole loaf..

Still the government wants my crust..
Miss piggy, miss piggy bank, wants 
In need my feed, my crumbs..

If this is what we had to do..
My crumbs, my crumbs, my crust..
I need my feed..

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