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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Tempered Troubles, free verse

If you coming, with an attitude..
That to me..
Know this from me, to me..
I am all made of rectitude..

What is your latitude, gravity..
Gratitude, longitude..
Your compass broke ..
So you sailing blind, off-course..

Of-course, now to me..
It all makes sense to me..
Your buffoonary explained by..
Your pills, still sat on tables top..

I told you, remember this in tablets taken..
One before the sun is out..
Twice before the sun is down..
Sweet dreams, before the morning break..
Remember what to do, before the sun is out..

Someone said, something said..
Something to do with an empty barrel..
Rolling down and the noise it makes..

Patiently waiting, like a light switch..
And my currents are on safe mood..
Still packed is volts of heat in my veins..

I am with patience..
Having a reason to be..
Being that, I am looked up-to..
A role model in some sort..

So I keep my cool..
And the rage under ..
Like an un-awaken volcano, in oceans..


  1. I used to be a very bad tempered obnoxious b lol but as I have got older I have mellowed, this was your best yet, re my books I laughed, no friend I dont make a living I have a full time job, writing is a hobby for me and I love when people visit my blog but I think when you are dead you become famous, have a great weekend dude :)

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