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Monday, 21 June 2010

The Fifth Amendment

It's like one of those days..
When everything I touch ..
Is just razor sharp, cutting me..
And I'm just bleeding.. .
Profusely without reasoning..

These demons that haunt me ..
They cloud me, torture me ..
Leaving me feeling all dazed..
In my own encasement..

Case held high for scrutiny..
Duty is, duty bound ..
Trouble is, am still cos 90..
Truth be told, in tempers flare..
Where bubbles bust..
Not sure if I did or I did not..
To be pronounced guilty or not..

Moral compass missing magnetic directions..
And we are lost at sea, sailing blind
Where though, where thou, where thou at..
Where thou is my lawyer wife..
Who said to say, no comments..

To everything no comments ..
Just one of those days..
Of compromises, compromises..
Resuscitations breaths, for survival guide..
So to everything, to say ..
No comments, just no comments..

Make of it, if you would, what you want..
In pleasing thee, of prosecuting suits..
Just from me, is the fifth amendment..
One of those days, I reserve the right..
And everything is in, no comments ..
Just no comments, I plead the Fifth..
Just one of those days, in no comments..


  1. that was very special friend :)

  2. Really enjoyed this, so different from so much of your past work...Forgive me for not being around lately, was on vacation, back home now and writing again.....Hope to see you soon.
    Brillant INK here my friend................:)


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