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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Starting Something

Mamase mamasa mamakusa..
Circumstance surging with motion..
Steam trains, trailing on paths..
Curved from situations..
Inclined to be in act,..

In ways characterised..
By standing in society..
Mind set, set in confinements
Of environment known..
Projects, council estate of minds..
Circulating in circles..
In roundabouts, in 360's..

Chain reaction such in dominoes..
And when one says mamase..
You well know, it ends in rhymes to..
Mamasa mamakusa..

Starting something..
Circumventing new ways, now sort for ..
To evolve in evolutions seeds sown..
To grow roots, uprooted to new soils..
Taking flights on runways..

To set roots in new nest made on trees..
New trees to be colonised..
Colonies of progression formed..
By just starting something..
Mamase mamasa mamakusa..

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