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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Talking Parrots

Word of mouth, word to mama..
Oh my; he talks a lot, she talks a lot..
With a zip, zip,zap, zap, zip zap..
Chatty, chatty, chitty, chitty, bang, bang..

This about that, about they, about them..
Talk about him, about her and all the others..
Hey, did you know, did you know..
And on and on and on and on 

I heard that story,..
Before his version, before her version..
Cooked up, patched up, fallen off..
Slippery tongues, mumbling burst..

He chats a lot, she chats a lot..
Word of mouth, Chinese whispers..
Porkies, pack of words, word to mama, ..
Oh my; he talks a lot, she talks a lot..

About this, about that,..
About who said what..
Oh, so not interested ..
'Fine; that makes you the next target then'..

With eyes set, sight locked, in stare look..
He said it loud, she said it loud..
In whispers, rumble, ramble, mumble.. 
So much to say, oh my ..

He talks a lot, she talks a lot..
So to the next ears, to be invaded..
With a zippy, zippy, zappy, zappy..
Chatty, chatty, chitty, chitty ..
Bang bang, zippy, zapper, chatter, ..

He talks a lot, she talks a lot..
I heard my name, along the line..
From staring eyes, being cast on me..
It was from him, it was from her..

They talk a lot, my ears now hurt
He chats a lot, she chats a lot
Watch out for him, watch out for her..
But never when subjects are present 

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