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Monday, 28 June 2010

Out Of Place.

Something about, a chicken bone..
Left to rot, on pavements path..
Not a sight, seen by the naked eye..
But for the eyes, in eagle's sight..

Look to see, ..
Its there, its there, I see it there..
In stages steps of transformation..
Stages sets reached, in sedimentation..
Sat in gravels, looks like  gravel ..

I did crack it, if it did be freshly mine..
Go for the juice, it hides inside ..
For I am that known inclined, 
On my chicken bone taste for sure..

For the partially blind, it blinds
It blends, in camouflage trickery ..
Its not to be seen..
A blend with nature..
It is of nature, be left with nature..

Oh no, but not for the eagle's eyes set..
It is seen in sight, its seen in place..
In place be it, thus not to be, in places seen..
In the gravel stack sedimentary reached ..
Its not a gravel, hence its not to be there..

Something about the chicken bone ..
She wants it out, ..
She needs it out,..
Out under her skin, it crawls in gravel..

Something about a chicken bone ..
Can not be left in natures hands ..
On her patch, oh no, not on her patch..
She wants it out, she needs it out now..

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