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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Black Star, Black Star..

What is the name of a place..
What history it holds..
With strengths it bears, carries..
What is the name of a treasure chest..

Sand kissed shore lines..
Sun shines blessing,
Felt like rain wash, shower..
Body shape like pregnancy..
In cares it holds, it's beloved..

And for the Black gold, Gold..
Cocoa, Coconut, Cashew..
Shea butter, to melt on delicate skins..
What is a name of a place..
What with freedom and of justice..
Carried in DNA's of breaths..

Painted the star black to shine bright..
To be set on paths, pace others follow..
What is a name of a place..
Where nourishments crayons the land green..
Gold in sparkle of wealth it holds..
Droplets in reds that flows through its vein..

What is a name of a place..
Where names of Nkrumah..
Ahzuman, Kofi Anan stands..
Where Sons of Monday..
Will always be Kodjo...

Mutaris, Vorsahs, Amoah, Kingson..
Appiah, Boateng , Ayew, Owosu Abeyie..
Kingston, Gyan, Tagoe, Panstil, Adiyaih ..
Carry flags on pitches ..
To bring us pride, to bring us Ghana.. 

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