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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Pearls In Shells

I have not said words, of oyster shells..
And what it hides in pearls, for a while..
I have not sat, call to common, before open fire..
Sweeten ears, with dialects in alphabets..
Of delicate rhyme...

With feelings, like heaven's cream..
On slices of loaf,  in indulgence take..
For a while; freshly baked..

For a while, said what, asked who..
Watched who in observation..
For a while, day dream of 
On spell bounds..

In words put together 
As one does, for a while  
One after the other, after the other 
In magic wands, creating euphoria in 
Stories told; what is romance 

I have not said words for a while..
And hungered, starved eager ears 
Of valeted, wax free ear drums 
Are awaiting with excitement to be made aware 

Sat with silence, awaiting vibrations
Of sound waves, to tickle their senses 
With joys of stories told..
I have not said words, for a while..

Deep dive, down into oceans blue..
Oyesters with pearls treasured  
Being harvested from nature as rare 
Cleaned, to be placed on necks, as jewelery..

I find myself in the middle of..
Affection's courtesy, bowing on formalities 
I am with aprons, for a while
Still awaiting baking cakes.. 
And pearls in oyster shells ..
Have just been found..

I have not said words for a while.. 
To jinx the charm of what treasure holds 
A gentle, gentle blow on flower 
Is what is required to ensure a good luck charm 


  1. Poetic Soultress27 June 2010 at 06:31

    beautiful as always

  2. this was a great poem mate, good imagery, another winner :)


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