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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Story Vile

One day I will look back and laugh..
Talk about the ups and downs..
Of ups and downs and downs and ups..
In sat behind tables of Russian roulette..
False starts in Olympic tracks, trail runs..
Illusions of lights seen in tunnel's mirage..

Tied down to turtle legs in chains..
With stallions hearts, zeals in rage..
Sat on by misfortunes lust..
In gauging lust, of deprivation..

I said one day, I will look back and laugh..
That is in the script written foretold..
Seen when went peeping in..
Into Gypsy's shamans tents..
She wasn't around to see me do it..
In peek on snick previews; tomorrows script..

These days I am still with layers..
Shedding each in roles played on onions format..
And it builds me, annoys me, gets to me in parts..

Such it is with needles, nurses weld..
Injected to pinch in sensation boost....
To elevate in systems rockets blast..

One day I would look back and laugh..
Many a tribulations in dragons breaths..
And of molehills attempts, to besiege on me..
One day, one day  I will look back and laugh..
With many a story to tell, in story telling..

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