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Friday, 25 June 2010

Hat's Off..

Trains to arrive on time, in Disney worlds..
We are off on summer holidays..
Sun switches, sparked on with grin smiles..
Shown on faces of the masses..
In synchronised mind sets, of holiday moods..

Bikini, bras, shades, and story books..
What else to be pack in, oh yeah ..
Sun cream, sun cream lotion,..
Very much needed, cancerous burns to be avoided..
Man oh, man's eyes all wiped clean, it's for the looking..

Time out being put on, tax man's slavery ..
Indulgence enjoyment, requested, deployment..
Empty space of memory box..
Made readily available to be filled in..
With executions in activities, done on occasion..

What, but with times of alternate reality ..
Enjoyment, recreations, deemed demanded ..
The King's request, it's carnivaly..

The holiday season has just began ..
Lets merry make, ..
Making memories to be cherrished..


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