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Monday, 14 June 2010

I Want More Cheese

I want more, much more  
If I go for less, I am less of 
Still needing, much more 
To fill, fulfil my half full cup 

I want more, much more  
More to be said, to be done 
Much more to be gained, on cheese 
So I sweat for the harvest, escaping traps; I want more 

I want a hip more of stardust 
Not, nope a pinch less of stardust  
Much more diamonds, gold-dust 
Much more riches, to make t' king envious  

Sparkle in star lights, my ownership set 
Bright up the stars right where 
I look to go past, beyond in cheese hunt 
And claim my own, on what t' eyes sees 

Like Pavarotti's need, rest his soul, for more 
Pasta, pasty, pastry , cookies..
Cakes, muffins, just much more Muffins..
Before the opera for curtains close 

I am not greedy, like a greedy person..
So I wouldn't begrudger others in steps..
In stepping stones, steps made of them..
To fulfil their dreams, climbing ladder 

I did rather give a helping hand..
To the deserved of them 
Be nice to them..
Appreciate, what effort they invest  

But in fulfilments of, self fulfilment...
I need to do more, 
Want more, much more..
On my own accord, in dreams 

To cross bars of milestones 
Set in pavements laid..
Of ambitions, set 
I just want more 

Much more, way more 
Set on aspirations gained..
To walk these paths 
Of achievements made..

I want more, much more,..
If I go for less, I am less of..
So I want more,  way much more..
Than a greedy person 

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