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Monday, 7 June 2010

A Stranger In The House

A man's home is his castle..
Mi casa es su castillo..
That makes the lady of the house..
His queen of the castle..

He holds in pride for his toil..
In sweats, he holds in strive..
Bricks to bricks, castles stands..

Beware of the man with access..
When owners are not around..
Out and about, in wander lands ..

Knock knock, he does..
With a smile on his face, he has..
Observers deceived by his motives, they have..

Customer service in door to door delivery..
Cups of teas as courtesy, with blinds now closed..
He took customer service a bit too far..

Other entrances invaded, entry exit, entry, entry..
Goldie luck had a tongue in the porridge..
By t' stairs, mi casa es su castillo being invaded..

He heard strange sounds as he approached..
To his sight was the postman's passion
On the Mrs, entry exit, entry, exit exit, rush exit..

His favourite song she sang out loud..
In high pitch of opera's sounds..
His castle invaded by postman pat ..

In customer services, special deliveries ..
That is why a man's best friend, woof woof   
Would chase the post man, like a thief, for invasion 
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