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Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Father's Day Story

I always knew in words, in stories told..
The ant, the grasshopper and stories told..
What lessons learnt, in moral of stories told..
And to the man, who said it first to me a thousand times..

It was like a prayer, said to me..
It became a prayer, of recital rhyme..
Like the Lords prayers, said by me..
Each morning wake and before sleep at night 

To know, what lessons it holds..
Oh Son, Oh Daughter, oh child of mine..
By the man I first knew, in men as a man..
As a Father, with a fathering love..

I look up to, he drives me on, in inspirations sort for..
I respond within, with outward achievements gained..
And in rewards returns, of recognition gained..
For which no other man, can make me feel..

Do you know in stories told..
The story of the ant and the grasshopper told..
I learnt it all, a thousand times and more..
From a Hero, a Father and what lessons it holds..


  1. thats a special tribute to your dad, he will be proud of you man, well written touching poem :)

  2. 不要把生命看得太嚴肅,反正我們不會活著離開。..................................................................


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