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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Smiles are a Rarity

Long as it comes, quick as it goes..
Into the memory of long forgotten..
Them days in yester years..
Like winters coldest night.. 
Remembered in summer..

Always is with aurora..
To see life come out, sprung out..
Through the dry earth when it rains..

In the queens land, smiles are a rarity..
The clouds reflection on faces, is with grey..
Courtesy, replaced by frown's sculpture..
Comedians are only with dark comedy..
Laughters are forced on..

What is an English humour...
To confuse the best of us with sarcasm..
In coded ways..

But look close, close enough..
In there lies tell, tell signs on faces..
Like a dried up river bed and lives it holds..
It awaits the love of  rain...

To be awaken by summers breeze..
Long as it comes, quick as it goes..
Always it is with aurora..
To see the sun bright on smiles..
In the queens land..

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