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Friday, 18 June 2010

Stamping Out!

I will suffer painfully..
To gainfully elevate myself..
From spiralling down with gravity..
These roads of smoky casket..

While I sit,..
Twitching, twitching, itching..
I tell myself, I am not addicted..
To the poof..

Yet my blood boils, with adrenaline..
Demanding to be made calm..
By the poof, poof..

Like a primate in a cage..
I beat my chest restlessly, relentlessly..
To be let go,..
Allow the poof to serve its purpose..
Of giving me the ahh feeling..

Ahh to my death bed..
Of breathless breath..
Choking, clogged up, on the ahh..
Of yesterdays poof..

So I will suffer painfully..
To gainfully relief myself...
With elevation from the ahh..

Ahh  poof, poof of casket beds..
I am not to be deceived..
By the craves lust of the grave..
No more, no more..


  1. nice. i like the poofs and the ahs, would make for great fun in the reading...and i am glad you end in hope...

  2. I like the sound effects (onomatopoeia0, the smoky casket, and introduction of the primate simile. The positive spin at the end works well. Nice challenge response.

  3. ha - i like the poofs..would love to hear you read this..

  4. Good piece, good flow, all that. Solid work.

  5. I like the poem. 27 days free today of the evil habit.

  6. I love the lyrical use of "poof"...very nice...

  7. I like everything about this poem .... Happy New Year!!

  8. I agree with Helen...I like everything.

  9. Thank God I gave it up - poor, proof! Well done.

  10. Ahh...a very good description of addiction.

  11. Yes, you gripped us good with the photo and feeling of helpless addiction, adding a breath of hope when you pulled through at the end. Nice

  12. It is a powerful addiction for sure....great lines here Kodjo!!

  13. smokin good one KD...thanks for sharing your words

  14. I am taken in by your words and descriptions. Such a powerful look at a powerful drug.


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