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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Contradiction In Life Stories

On a wall stood, was contradictions..
Painted in frames upon frames..
Draped on top, from top to bottom..
In narratives, banksy's stories authored ..
In abstract..

With painted stories told..
Some left blank, blankly staring..
Some with mirrors, of self reflection..

Then, a heart, a girl, a lion..
Run for your life, ..
In graffiti inscriptions..

On a wall stood, was contradiction..
In love and hate, orgy of emotions..
What to make of it, in questions asked..
I know not what, in confusion answers..

But the girl looked happy..
The lion sat down, did so..
Sit! like a good dog,..
No roaring around here, you hear..
To her command he obeyed ..
He still did have a dodge look, on the side..

The heart in forms of balloons floated..
Up in the heavens, on strings she held..
Filled with helium, of laughing gas..

Still with contradiction, and in confusion..
Of what, a heart, a lion, a mirror ..
A girl have in common..
Have to do on a painted wall..
Run for your life, in inscriptions warning..


  1. another fabulous write friend, high on imagery, bravo :)

  2. Love the poem, great job. It depicts the characters and explains what the writer is saying.

  3. this was a great link to share...i dont think i have come across your blog before but an excellent poem..cheers pete

  4. thank you for sharing have not seen your blog either...it will be remembered...bkm

  5. It's like the story of the lion and the lamb -- or Aslan and Lucy. Nice one.

  6. glad i stumbled upon you as well...nice write...

  7. Thank you for posting this link. I've a book of Banksy's work (have never seen any in person). Your poem is excellent and highlights the possibilities of the mural's meaning with flair and well-crafted lines. cheers


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