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Monday, 6 February 2012

A price for a price

Adjustments in stands, perceptions a' perspective 
Like the view of diamonds in different lights 
Is bound to give new colors from rainbow 

Suspicious minds, and the case of diplomacy 
Who is to make the first move, on chess games?  
They say one is of wisdom, for sacrificing pride 

The rest is still left for debate, in spin 
Though in letting sleeping dogs lie 
A treaty of compromise is said to be reached 

Regardless of the concept, one holds in private  
What one thinks, for reasons to shake hands  
Even if alien to opposition's reasons held 

To be said of, as the bigger person in acts taken 
Holds ground on compromise for a price 
If for such price paid, adjustment in stands is gained 

At some point, the gods honored with sacrifice 
Are called upon to prove their worth 
A comprise is of most value, if drought sees rain 

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