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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A place a time season

A place for everything to stand 
And everything for a place to be 
Like the bars on clock, an hour at a time 

For two will always know to come after one 
And the seasons follows, seeds before germination 
Roots to the soil and the leaves to the heavens 

A place for everything to stand 
And everything for a place 
To be in sequence, like the seasons   

If for the world was created as perfect 
And time was exact, always to a "T"
If for nature’s freak in weather 

Or otherwise in ways, or otherwise 
Was not known, given as evidence 
To show in light, a' winter was always with snow  

And some roots rather in choices made 
Opt in avenues to be present above the soil  
And some human nature goes against sway 

A place for everything to stand 
And everything for a place specified 
Up close the wall of constant as seen steadfast 

Are shifting with time, like the great walls 
Of the glaciers, out in the poles steadily 
Shifting blind to the eye of the impatience of man 

Soon a new paradigm will surface to grace us 
A place for everything, stand in, is change 
Everything for a place  and change is constant  
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  1. we patiently await the new paradigm.

    beautiful piece

  2. Very nice and so fitting for this week's theme.

  3. I am not sure why but your poem was reminding how I keep telling everyone in the house that there is a place for everything in the kitchen and everything must be put into it's place. They just put it wherever it fits and it drives me crazy. Yes, they think change is constant in this kitchen, and I should just accept it. Aaargh

    I guess the battle much go on, although someday I hope they will learn that there is a place for everything and everything in it's place.

    Happy Theme Thursday. Thanks for playing this week.


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