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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Do not anger t' gods

I will try not to look too pleased 
Maintain my composure and "cancel" jubilation 
As quiescent as calm waters 

You would not see, waves on frozen ice 
Not even by freak of nature or by chance 
Stealth mode, that is what we going for 

I will not look too pleased "elastic" with ecstatic 
To have you, read my cards 
So open, and curse my success 

But why should I not look so pleased 
I started where you did and "labored" my opportunities 
You buried yours, with fear and stood solid as statue 

You rained your doubt on me as foolish 
And said "this my friend would amount to nothing
You predicted my downfall and said I was foolish to venture 

So why should I grace you the honor 
Of holding back my excitement 
Just to give you, a quiet exit

To say you deserve that respect, tradition bequest it 
And to avoid your curse on my success 
Is that something new from your old rhetoric 


  1. It's terrible when the people we care about the most rain on our parade.

  2. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person though. Two wrongs don't make a right.


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