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Friday, 10 February 2012

A Gentleman's Agreement

Do not foster me a favour of sort 
Have I got writing on the wall 
To say indeed I require, I require 
Such gesture to define my being 

For this is Babylon and one has to be 
Alert and able to read between the lines 
For this is Babylon and nothing is what is seems 

I am indeed a stranger on a strange land 
Where customs of similarities are only but vague 
And in that light seen as of a class 

To be of a class below par 
You say, you think, presume to be 
A blood of foreign, thus a caste below par 

Though not for my skill, strength or ambition
For definitions of a man, is the same in any land
To be found on, and for my worth, surely not my worth

So gentlemanly I decline a favour so kind
So not to fuel conceptions made on
Such gestures to define my being

For in my land I am noble
And a curse would be to accept
Your favour offered kind on judgement

Have I got writing on the wall
To say I require prejudice of your caste, forgive me Sir
I respectfully decline your favour so kind 

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