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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pick Ten Items or Less

Pick ten items or less to define you  
In any form in relation, in regard  
In any condition present to be found in  

Not what was lost on yesterdays quest 
Or what tomorrow promises to bring 
It is for the now that this rule applies 

And it is ten items or less 
Less is more, for where this is going 
One has to find a bond so strong 

With ten items or less picked 
And when one is done with sincerity  
On such choices made, of course w'out hold backs 

Allow me to put you into a different setting 
Alien to your surrounding so comfort 
Would your life crumble, so foreign   

For one's misjudgment of what one did pick 
Trivial as so dear in one's basic survival pack 
Pick ten items or less and make it count 

Then free your self, like a nomad 
In pursuit of happiness, 
To walk the earth a free man 

No excess baggage in the wings 
Weighted on one to carry
To be a hero of your own dreams 

Pick ten items or less 
To qualify you on this journey 
And see where this leads 

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