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Saturday, 4 February 2012

No natural predators

Hear me now, there are no natural predators 
Here, on this here national parks reserve 
Evidently not, as far as the eye can see 

Thus let loose on the land are 
Rodents that multiply in multiples 
And ascend to the throne of the jungle 

Copycats and imitators 
Forged notion of pride and value 
Ubiquitously plagiarizing concepts of foreign 

Silly-billy-infallible and unknowing 
Of the backdrop and shortfalls reasons 
History and ideology that surrounds, movements 

No shame shown of disgruntlement held by occupiers 
Jammy characters and panto in fancy wear 
With side tracked vocabulary of Monty python 

They act oblivious, to the distraction they cause
Lost on them are ideologies fostered
Legacy to define reasons to maintain status

They demand the blindness of man
To honour their lavishness of delusion
While they exhibit their exploits out in the open

As they rob in daylight to starve subjects
There are no natural predators left
To calve their vulgar so open

No standing institutions independent to act
So they run free on the savannah
With such insolent pomposity of vigor 

I pray for the predators return, for accountability  
I pray for their natural predators return of probity  
To institute checks and measures in the system 

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