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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dim Lights "Whitney Houston"

Is tomorrow the judgement day  
Stood at t'  front line, rows of candles, to account to
To answer for, what I did with this life  

Memories, bubble joy and a life lived  
I did say in my time, in my time, I saw many a face   
I traveled the world, and knew love 

I knew love, that cared I mothered one, fathered one 
And walked a thousand red carpets 
With masked emotions, finding myself  

I fought my demons, that shadowed my blessing 
An angelic voice lost to this world 
A soul free, bird's flight 

My star is now dim slow burn on candle lights  
Is tomorrow the judgement day 
For I feel light, on weight, drying out leaves 

And being relieved of the burden I hold 
I bathed in waters, immersed bubbles 
To cleanse my soul, before going  

Though as it stands, on reflection
 If tomorrow is the judgement day 
I will not be looking back, with sorrow 

This life was just a passage, and I enjoyed it steps 
And yes, for the love and songs we shared 
It would take eternity to break us, so don't cry 


  1. So sad that her lights went out when she still had so many ahead of her but there is nothing much that we can do about it. We can only remember her music forever and so she will live on through that.

    It would be nice if she was still floating on the wonderful bubble she rode on her ride to fame but it popped a long time ago. Very sad.

    Thank you for sharing a beautiful poem for this weeks Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

  2. smiles...a nice tribute kodjo, she will def be missed....what a tragic turn her life took....

  3. Solid, theme-tight write. Good stuff.

  4. Very relaxing reflection of a life.


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