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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Finding Answers

Is this the life I wanted 
And could never see 
For life is perplexed in ways to man 

The depth of indebtedness 
With madness attaché like a bug 
Where no value in monetary terms 

Can in any shape, form or step 
Relief an enduring gust of hunger  
Though try as it may, in superficial regard 

From out of the blue, it comes into light  
And with such light so strong, so yield  
Overwhelming with addiction of its kind 

To find roses sat in chest cavity 
Guarded by t’ thorn of ribs a’ bladed leaves as muscle 
To alarm motionless, what tender required  

And it seeks more of accompany  
To share a union of life in memory 
For when absent, life in meaning is left corrupt  

Sick like madness 
Caged in the chest and mind bewildered
Where destitute begs to be hanged   

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1 comment:

  1. powerful thoughts here. Guarded by t’ thorn of ribs a’ bladed leaves as muscle - how beautifully poetic, I adore than line!


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