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Friday, 3 February 2012

Going on the couch

Sometimes, we h'e a sit down with Sigmund Freud 
We hold our breath, to hold our tongue 
To stop this out pour of larva, from burst 

We bite our lips, and grunt and growl  
And stamp the ground to swerve response 
We count to a thousand, then again to a thousand 

Or go for a walk, where walks are needed  
And strive to clear, our heads they weigh 
Being calm, being wise, on rational, composure

We count to a thousand, then backwards again 
And again, if bulls still rage on lament 
We hold our tongue, with all our might 

Such acid wield yell, eager on response 
If left to rain storm dust, on reaction 
With mouth filled full of sour-grapes 

We hold our tongue, on circumvention stands 
We hold our tongue and walk away 
To make void contrition in the theatre of life
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  1. true thoughts, thanks for sharing.

  2. patience is limited,

    we do withhold, but wars exist for a good reason, at times, a good fight lead to deeper understanding in between, real peace can be achieved through it.


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