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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Consent I did not give

Stop all the clocks, no man can be ruled 
Without giving concessions of sort 
No bully is game, and found so exciting 
Without the cooperation of the bullied 

Act and reaction is the concept that stands 
And for the man who knows not his value 
Will give in before knowing what was expected of him 
There are ways to face down a bear, you know 

There are ways to walk down on a lion 
And bravely steal his hunt, it is that easy
I have seen it done in the grass lands of Africa  
No oppressor stands without cooperative fear 

As it stands, there is always more to a man 
Who knows his value, on principle and belief 
And sees this above self preservation, to die is normal  
Know this, no man can be ruled without consent 

Options are given in every concept of life 
Do not let fear tell you otherwise 
And sit as a thousand with conscience
Overruled by a handful. Have you no value as man 

"The world suffers a lot. Not because of violence of bad people 
But because of the silence of good people " Napoleon 


  1. we def give permission in our unwillingness to act...our fear coop against us...great write man

  2. Nice video - did you notice that there must have been a camera man there too? Lots of shots, lots of angles, close up distant. The lion's could have eaten him.


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