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Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Common Enemy

What foolishness be holds the man without lesson 
Who holds on to the ancients, ancient?  
To cordon his from the changing world, so blind     

Careful oh friend 
The enemy is never that strange an alien 
And foreign, as such force to be in fear forever 

For those are easy to spot, from a distance 
For their difference, it is that obvious 
Like the glow in the dark. 

To divide and rule, oppress and exploit 
They look for a soft spot to relate, "animal farm"
A common ground to define, those are more deceitful   

Them against us, a common enemy 
It is, in our interest to close rank 
After all, we are of c'mon ancestry of ancient, ancient 

Hold on; bear with me, for a time 
Brother, brother, brother sister 
Sister, sister, son and daughter 

Hands up on symbols made to affirm unity 
We belong to the same course  
Woo-hah, wow-hah, aluta continua. 

How come, I feel short-changed, now then 
And you have more of what was mine 
W’re is that alien, so foreign an enemy you talked of  

How come all that was mine is now yours 
And I still fear an invisible enemy 
After bond of brothers; brother, brother 

Brother sister, 
Sister, sister 
Sons and daughters 

1 comment:

  1. A common enemy is easier to fight with a common wall. Nice work.


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