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Sunday, 26 February 2012

BOGOF by Andy Warhol

Bogof is buy one get one free 
In the shops, ways to entice, consumerism 
Size of packages, along the al , buy buy buy  

Neatly stacked, packed to size, art of sort 
Just to entice, offers they give 
On limited time only, so buy buy  buy now 

The weather and seasons always dictates 
How the customers behave to rush on shops  
The shop owners always stacks to reflect 

To see, a shop rush 
Just wait until you hear 
The weather man say it will snow 

Some always buy more than they need 
Some always look for the best bargain to buy 
Some always, just buy with their eyes, just buy 

But every one gets excited 
When the shop starts, the best offer of all 
Buy one get one free, just to entice. 

And Andy Warhol 
Was no different at all 

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  1. At 2 for 29 cents Mr. Warhol wouldn't give a whit! Nice Magpie!!

  2. Hehehe! It does look like it, doesn't it? Now I will bogoff... :)

  3. If you bogoff as an investment, your return is 100% Great write.

  4. Oh I like the bogoff idea - with as many interpretetaions as we have! Well done.

  5. Weather dictates a lot of things...Mother Nature...


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