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Sunday, 19 February 2012

From t' Cradle to t' Grave

We were born to die
Graciously we were born to be of end
From day one, it was all set
We were born to expire in the rose cottage

But between ancillaries of life’s demands
We get to live a little, subject regards  
Smile a little, play a little, in milieu
Have a little more enrichment to nourish

But we were born to die, we were born to die
Owning wealth, owing debt, prospect of birthright  
From day one, it was all set, as an eventuality
As a process to complete, we were born to die

We were born to perish and between all that
We get to live a little, smile a little, play little

Run a little, chase a little, climb a little, a little, a little 
Have a little more essence to live for

Fall in love and out of love and back in love  
Fall into relations and make some friends
Lose some friends and cry a little
Have some good times a' some bad times

At the end it would all be worth this journey
Because we were just born to die
From day one, it was all set to be
We were born to die, fun serves as bonus  

From the cradle, to the grave
We were born to die regardless of status
For that is what makes living worthy
For we are on a path that ends at the rose cottage

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