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Monday, 20 February 2012

Crossing over Realms

Touching physical objects, slipping through my fingers 
I had a dream last night, it felt so phenomenal    
And in my dream I fought many a demon 

They came with faces, so familiar 
A sensational anger so vivid, it felt overwhelming 
I had a dream last night, where fogs took physical  forms

Stood lying asleep by the neon lights in phone booths  
Surreal with psychedelic lighting probing my mind 
I spoke with a stranger with a familiar voice 

I walked from one realm into the other  
Where most I found my comfort sleep 
They followed me, to disturb my core 

I had a dream last night, it felt so physical 
And I woke the morning exhausted  
It felt so vivid with such familiarity

Of stranger's faces and places 
I seem to know 
All I seem to know


  1. Indeed, it may not have been a dream at all but a parallel universe. You conveyed the idea well.


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