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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Crossing the Bridge

 I don’t care, on this God’s earth 
If you could turn my bronze into gold 
It is dear to me, just the way it is, at easy

You see I, I see value in the crinkle it holds 
In broken glasses, scrap yards treasure
Turning them into beads, collage, colorful  

It is beautiful, simple to form of beauty 
Extras, I get light sparkles bright 
Forming forms, from the nothingness 

It gets framed, and kept in my pride of place 
That is how I avoid the seven year curse 
And I am always to be found at it, pushed with demand

Chipping away like it’s a coal mine 
Dirt to define how deep I have yet dug 
Crawling out from the earth on all four.  

Do you mind stepping away from the edge 
Of disturbance, with worrisome panic so loud  
Breathe easy, and don’t look down 

It’s the only way to navigate this bridge standing 
Gold or bronze, one has to make it out of the mines 
Crossing over this bridge to add value 

I don’t care on this God’s earth 
If you could turn my bronze to gold, jolly man  
Get what you can ,out of this mine in the black country
Across the bridge and lets talk value


  1. this is the best attitude to have I love the way you put this

  2. A beauty this. The journey of US, equals joy
    and the core of us. Your a genius.

  3. In this case, silence is bronze, not golden.

    Great use of the three words.

  4. What we value with our heart is far more important than gold... and the photo.. that is a bridge I just could not cross :)

  5. "Do you mind stepping away from the edge of disturbance, with worrisome panic so loud, breathe easy, and don't look down." I LOVED this verse! And the photo - not a bridge I'd ever want to cross!

  6. Yes, a bridge that connects our heart, does not involve gold!

  7. Sometimes it is the scariest bridges which mean the most and hold the greater value


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