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Friday, 24 February 2012

Tears on ration

Cracked grounds of drought land, do let out tears 
Sunken to the  very core, deep beneath shallows 
Dry tears break dams; the eyes can not hide such zeal 

Roll your neck in, don't let the vultures surround 
It is never a good sign on karma to show weakness  
They leave dark shadows on procession  

If death was non existent and birth was as present 
I doubt this would spell out paradise on earth 
Just imagine oh boy, a thousand years without death 

So pain of loss is necessary, remembrance day 
To validate joy of new birth and all beginnings, caution
The sack can only hold so much, the rest queue in waiting 

After the twenty-one gun salute ring sounds, into the heavens 
We send one more up, tell the angels to open heaven's gate 
Tell them to let one more down, we await patiently 

Flowers are given; with tears and sorrow, we have been here before 
Cracked grounds of drought lands, do let out tears 
Sunken to the core, deep beneath shallows, dry tears break dams 

Do not be stunned to see the absence of tears wet 
On funeral grounds, though you will be forgiven to wonder why.
I have seen too many six feet under and the vessels they carry 

Death of one thing or the other, to spell out endings 
It is the natural ways of this world we occupy 
Were you not told, there is a drought and tears are on ration 

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