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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Clarifying a word to Watson

I hate comparison, greedy eyes holds 
Such hunger, perpetually starving 
Wanting and needing, green eye monster 

I have seen the wickedness in man 
For just by greed, of wanting more 
To have brought down a nation 

Corruptness of the soul 
It even invades the holiest places 
Of man made to hold our moral compass 

But you see, my dear Watson 
A conundrum of the coin rule 
Springs to mind, coins and their two sides 

For how does one set a bench mark 
Without the assistant of what stands 
To glorify, as heights reached to aspire 

You see, Watson, I hate comparison  
Where in lies, the claws to envy 
Poking out from ten fingers, nails 

Allowing greed to set up stool
In one's comfort "casa" with hate 
Like cancerous cells, spreading fast  

But never when, it stands as a light house 
Navigating through the midnight fog 
On, with my sailor captain's hut 

Aye aye, to reach harbors, without shipwreck 
Do not confuse my word, Watson 
When indeed I say I hate comparison 

Sherlock Holmes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherlock_(TV_series) 


  1. comparison does us little good you know, it robs us of our peace...and them of their goods

  2. I like how you addressed this to "Watson" - a nice mood to it. Is this in reference to Sherlock Holmes? If so, how ironic that the writer here hates comparisons!


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