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Friday, 17 February 2012

An Office Bulletin

Occasionally we find ourselves 
On days like this, ordinary to be labeled 
Ordinarily leading into the weekend, no fuss 

Celebration of  events set on dates in the first quarter 
Of the year, is over and done with, empty wine bottles 
A' chocolate wrappers, roses in vases h' started wilting

Yet for being a Friday we celebrate, on cue 
Every week an occasion to look forward to 
For being a Friday, is the meaning of life defined 

To get to spend more of the time in t' day with family 
Around loved ones, and be relaxed  at best with it 
Avoiding t' office tyrant, t' terrible bosses a' t' extras  

For being a Friday, who cares 
It's the celebration of the little things season 
Taking it cool, is the order of the day 

You know I told you so and so 
After the midday lunch, tic toc 
The count down begins, tic toc 

For being a Friday, is heaven sent 
Thank God it's Friday, tic toc 
Who is buying the drinks pick one 

Who's round is it any way 
You know I told you so tic toc 
You know I told you so and so 

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