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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hello in foreign languages

Hear my language, commentary, summary and sub titles
Sub-context, abbreviations, cacophony of snap-shots
Signals, coded messages and phonetic alphabets
Sign language, proverbs and slang, word!!
Words as language, stands as forms to express
Tribal and regional notation to add to chaos
I say a word, to express notions
Sent out to one to respond in relation

Foreign languages, conundrums a’ birds spinning round my head
Don't leave me out in chit chat, excuses based on lost words
I ask to be taught foreign language and slangs
Can't be sat here pulling bewildered face, left out

So teach me one's coded, signs, signals and proverbs
Of course get me involved in interactions, I am a good spot
Teach me how to say in your language, in your language
Hello, how are you doing and I love you; you are so fine looking

Though you are tempted, teach me not jibes of rude words
You are only going to get me into trouble, silly you
Now, now, now, hold on there,
That is not the reaction, one expects from hello

 He looks; she looks vexed, like storm about to unleash
Oh dear, hope that was a hello, I love you, I did just say
Was that hello in storms, cacophony of foreign language
I am lost in translation


  1. I think you have just explained why so many of us are afraid to learn and speak another language. That and we do not want to make a fool of ourselves. I think it should be taught to the children when they are young. They have less fear and just laugh when they say something wrong because at least they are trying and in the end that is what really matters.

    Great poem and thank you again for sharing it with us for this weeks Theme Thursday.

    God bless.

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