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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Dream Home

Wind swept, sea breeze and sunset 
The seaside house that stands  
From a distance as bespoke main 

Built to blend with natures environs    
Built to please the manor of the house 
By the beachside, facing the waves 

Squirrels and birds in the garden, they play  
Having away fun, with nuts, hanged on coconut trees  
My little wildlife, right here in my backyard lay 

The dolphins jump and splash the sea blue  
The seagulls swings and dive on hunt  
The little blue boat, comes back in before the tide high  

Fresh air, fresh breeze and wind swept bliss 
My sanctuary stands, as paradise found
This here is my dream home found 

My dream home 
This here is my dream home found 
My dream home stands 


  1. a dreamy home indeed, best and romantic.

  2. Your dream mine are similar~ So beautiful and filled with so many things I love! I really enjoyed it!


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