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Sunday, 26 February 2012

A modern pink

I don't know when it started  
How old is pink on soft spots, like honey to a bear  
I don't know when it started  

When pink became the candy soft  
To the eyes of the one's so precious to love  
Sat in castles, beauty besotted as Princess  

All Princesses like their pink  
Just don't argue on that account, like honey to a bear 
Pink tutu, barbies and toy prams to push, when young 

All princesses like their pink, but as they grew a' took to form
I observed like a bird watcher on posts, I stood 
And noticed, the swift decline of pink on board

Then I noticed a new form of pink being ushered in 
The modern pink, with spots on paw, they wear  on shoes 
In cloths, bags and jewelry, every where I saw it in vogue 

The leopard print, on cat walks, shops and everywhere I looked 
Oh this was a discovery of the century, where fairies hide   
Finally I knew, the leopard print is the new candy soft 

A modern pink, like honey to a bear 
The ladies love their leopard print 
A modern pink, like candy soft 


  1. Brilliant. It is true that pink brings to mind a certain fair sex...spots are every where, though they look best on beasts...
    I really enjoyed reading this.... :)

  2. this piece on pink shows some great observations

    senryu of lost soldiers


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