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Saturday, 25 February 2012

She wears a purple mask

Welcome to her world of roses, purple mask
Smiles and cheers, tulips to merry make
All is well, all is well, indeed all is well
She will try and make this work for you
Look deep into pretense set and pick
Find the words, flair to sway the crowd
All is well, I say all is well
All is truly well and good 
She has the words, truly all is well 

So then, then then thought then turned 
To speech to be made, hear hear I say 
To have all the wrong words, blurring out 

No, no, no, not  for this 
This is not what she had in mind 
Crisis crisis, call to order 

All was meant to be as well 
Quick now, find the words, words that find 
Find the mask to hide emotions 

Purple mask, mask of purple, purple mask
She wears a purple mask to hide her self
For no one knows who she truly is 

Beneath that smile, and beautify 
Beneath the adoration of roses 
She wears a purple mask  

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