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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Don't let me fall

An occasional stumble is seasonal to the course 
And trees shed their leaves in the same light as fall 
And the winds on occasion bend trunks 

Why have elasticity if not to be used 
Why have instinct of reaction 
And not know stumble to stand 

But don't let me fall 
And land not on my feet 
Or go so low, that I can't stand 

Don't break my crystal  
With crimson bleed 
What treasure I have, even on my grave 

Don't steal my pride and unplug my feathers 
Don't look for my  fall and say you are a friend  
And let me down, and stand on my fall 


  1. Beautiful write...brilliant opening line...

  2. A wonderful read. You have captured the emotion behind the plea quite nicely.

  3. My reaction is: touching! Beautifully done, like a song.

  4. No one should stand on another's fall. I like this.


  5. indeed beautiful....thanks for sharing

  6. I love the lithe, flowing quality of your word combinations. It makes a nice counterpoint to the 'stumbling' imagery. Thank you for sharing, Kodjo. Lovely.

  7. And the winds on occasion bend trunks

    And bending is better than breaking, eh?

  8. "Why have elasticity if not to be used" How true.

  9. This was beautiful and wrote with such a mature and seasoned poet (it seems to me) I enjoyed reading such depth and beauty!


  10. I see sadness in this,

    a powerful warning.

    best wishes.

  11. An amazing interpretation of The Mag. Bravo!

    Anna :o]


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