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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My bRoKeN Brolly

 Rain drop, drip, drape..
Drapes, drops, drips

And then I'm drenched.. 
What to do, with my broken brolly..

Big, small, old of English,..
Flowery oriental, in looks of China ..
Beauty in colours, of Mary Poppins..
Then sometimes; sometimes in black..

Just in black..
With oak, or ivory, handles hold..
As this then becomes,  my walking stick..
My walking stick; old English, gentleman's brolly..

My walking stick
My walking stick  
My walking stick

What to do, with my broken brolly..
With hooks all off, and springs all sprung

On crooked lines, on narrow roads
In walks I take, I make,  for all to see..

In winds it goes, tumbling inside out..
With loosened spikes sharp, to be avoided..
On sliver spokes, dashed rushed pointing all out..
To sea of people, I shout “health and safety”..

What to do, with my broken brolly..
While all along, in the old Queen’s England..
Rain drop, drip, drape, drapes, drops, drips

And then I'm drenched, and then I am drenched ..

I stamp in puddles, to dance my brolly dance  

#I sing in the rain, #I am singing in the rain
And wiggle it hold, on dangling handling
Along the way, #I sing in the rain

In good old deary, rainy England..
I sing in the rain, with my broken brolly
On what to do, with my broken brolly..
Dolly, lolly, polly, brolly brolly, broken brolly

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  1. nothing but rainy day poems today...this one is one of the better ones I've read today

  2. "big, small, old of English" - I love this, a nice vision of the theme.

  3. Very delightful and entertaining piece, Kodjo. I enjoyed it!


  4. Wonderful uses for your umbrella, it can be one and many! Good write!


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