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Monday, 31 May 2010

The Traffic Warden's Drama

Okay, I am keeping my cool..
Visualize, "meet me there"
Sends me off to a happy place..

Euphoria, drench thy self, soul with ecstasy..
Deep breaths, deep breaths, to a happy place..
I am nearing my stallion, voyager

Why do you wanna do me like this..
Maintain your composure..

Keep it cool son!..
Deep breaths, deep breaths, 
Remember, deep breaths..

To a happy place..
Seriously , Sir constable..
Such pain to have inflected..

On a brother, such pain of cost..
Deep breaths, deep breaths
To a happy place..

Okay ' F'  a word to a happy place..
Illusions, dilutions, refusing deep breaths..
Cost inflicted still stunned, like a bee sting

Digging holes in my pockets ..
Sends reality on course to my weighted shoulders..
Deep breaths, F a word in response, I say 

A happy place, deep breaths, he said..
This is a thieves master piece..
On daylight broad..

Victim I am,..
Accustomed the right 
To be a raging bull, I am

Austerity and all that, they say 
Likewise my micro world in crisis 
So I tell the traffic warden to feel my pain 

Sorry Sir, appologies Sir
Already in the system,Sir
Processing, proceeding, procedure, sorry Sir..

Pretend, empty empathy on last words..
Where was euphoria..
Before "to a happy place"..

Leaving my pocket with such deep holes 
To a happy place, a happy place 
To a happy place, F a word to a happy place 
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  2. i hate getting tickets. it's such a pain in the butt. good post. :]

  3. yes, the 'happy place' is a good place to go in those times...pesky traffic wardens! :)

  4. *grin*
    apparently, some things are universal

  5. ugh...been there...and i know that feeling well...thanks for pulling this one out of the archives for us today...


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