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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Before Tomorrow

Invention of the wheel
For progression is process of ends
Factory belts and the clock ticks
Man needs speed, before tomorrows order

But down in Ipswich on this day
Time out for time capture
Child plays, and work men
For before tomorrow, we will all be gone

The children will be grown
And the old will be no more
The stars will be turned in transformation
Into our grandchildren and great gran

So time out, for a while 
While time capsules 
Are filled to the brim
With treasures of our lives 

Before tomorrow will be no more
Our energy of life, breathe
Given back to the wind
As ghost of once life

So take a step back, fix up with pride
Adjust your angle, for your better side
The camera light, Just before the flash light goes
And before tomorrow we will be no more 

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  1. You capture that precious moment when the photographer captures a scene forever, that instant which freezes life itself for a short moment.

  2. Nice! Thank you so much for stopping by today. Take care and God bless,

  3. Interesting...was this their squad of bicycle delivers? Perhaps they had just gotten a shipment of bikes in and were advertising them?

  4. oops excuse my typos above I meant to say I enjoyed the prose you put to the photo; my fingers went too fast and I didn't read, before I hit post!

  5. Your poem has caught the scene very well. I enjoyed what you have written.

  6. The Circle (& Cycle!) Will Be Unbroken!


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