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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Justify Me

#And if you do nothing
#Just, justify me, justify me
#Justify me, my baby 

And the heavens open up at night
The floodlights, switched on
This is star lights, star studied; you justify me 

And it's free in abundance
Like the rain wash on rain forests
In abundance, this is free, justify me

And I found love, to have found meaning
Like the back bone, given to an octopus
I can walk chest up, head held high

And touch the stars 
Define me, redefine me
Defend me, protect me, my heart, justify me

What is love, it's definition eludes humanity
What is love, is it for the sacrifice or for the gain
What is love, to love and be loved, recognise me

Questions, on answers, that runs in infinite meaning
I am a connection to another, and another
And others to me, and is  love social, it has to be mutual 

The knowing with affirmation
She cares, he cares, and I am not alone
Justify me, I can not be alone

There has to be another, in the milky way
In the universe, there has to be another
And we seek a connection, talk to me, talk about me

Say word about me
And you sit in my heart, like an old candle flame, 
You burn with joy, between the dark and the daylight 

Send satellites up into the heavens 
To find the connection, we are not alone
We can not be alone, testify my existence, justify me

So I go out, seeking for love, found love
To share, to have, to say I miss you 
And wish you were here, to justify me
You justify me 


  1. I love the theme of this...we are not alone...and we are all connected, though some don't realize it. No one lives in a vacuum...unless they are dust mites!

  2. This is the kind of poem that deserves to be heard aloud. There's an insistence in its rhythm, the cadence broken with commas but picked up again with the slide from the first to second lines and the connections between stanzas. Interesting how the structure itself mimes the subject.

  3. Love when that second stanza kicks in and when you directly question love. Agree with Maureen's comment about hearing this poem aloud. Excellent, K

  4. Bristles with a tune to the questioning of love...justify, justify, justify; it is silly to think how many are wrapped up in a need for such-in-others...but yes, this one has rhythm, it breathes and flows with its own beautiful color. Speaking of which, curious in that the space "between the dark and the daylight" is the one bit colored, the one that breathes...

  5. This is wonderful and I would also love to hear this read aloud...my voice doesn't do it justice.

  6. wonderfully done....i thik it would be great read and it draws connections....great one shot

  7. Excellent use of repetition, etc. Effective work.


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