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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Awakening Shadows

I see you on the walls, shades, shadows
Sometimes at night, when the rage of day is silent  
And I  am awaken by fright with shiver 
I see you in the corner of my room, poised

On the side of my eyes
On the shapes of projection, I walked past
Made by objects, on sunny days
Cast on the other side of the moon 

I always wondered, like love and its essence 
As a child, what you meant, such mystery 
Then as an adult, I forgot all about you
Seems science had explained your existence

But every now and then in apparition you manifest
You come to life again, the beauty of you, still with mystery
When science is made speechless
Without such blunt, arrogant words, of know  

And the heart sees in art
Something tells me, there is more 
Than I know; to the mystery of you 
Like love and it's essence, beauty bestowed 
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  1. A mysterious shadow from the past. Nice work with the imagery...very visual.

  2. The shadow is really a mystery...science explains but still that mystery is a beauty

  3. Love the title - the sense of awakening to the shadows' mystery and depth flows through this poem. Well done. I absolutely LOVE your last line!

  4. Beautifully written and I loved ... When science is made speechless.

  5. "Just the mystery of you
    Like love and it's essence, beauty bestowed "
    I have always felt that mystery something is its beauty.Eventhough know the science part something in me have always wanted to forget that...
    beautiful write..

  6. I can see such imagery from reading your words.

    Best wishes,

  7. I love the life "science made speechless" fun to read~ Nicely done~

  8. "When science is made speechless
    Without such blunt, arrogant words."
    I like these two lines especially. Science can never explain a mystery like a shadow. Only poetry can.

  9. Love this - the imagery put me right there - another triumph!

    Here form the linky - My entry

  10. Beautifully written. If I may?

    'I see you in the corner the my room' (of my room)

    'Something tells me, there is more to you
    Than I know, just the mystery of you'

    Something tells me there is more
    than I know; to the mystery of you.

    Bravo, living art in a poem.

  11. nice...some really great lines here...science made speechless and the one after are really good..nice hook in the opening 2 lines...i would tighten it up a bit...

    I see you on the walls, shades, shadows
    Sometimes at night, when the rage of day is silent
    Yet I wake by fright with shiver
    I see you in the corner the my room (this line has a different feel from the preceding three)

    a different way of looking at it...

    Yet awake with shiver
    seeing you in the corner

  12. This feels like a rediscovery of faith. Children believe, without question. Faith that comes as an adult exists despite the question.


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