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Sunday, 6 February 2011

In Dream State

In dream state, I found my self 
The house floats in the heavens 
The stars come right down to earth

Not sure, whether I am standing or flying
Lying or falling, dreaming or awaking
Nothing here makes sense, not sure at all

Guess nothing here is meant to 
For this is the dream world, the cross roads 
The fluid dream I had last night

Sometimes it felt like I was awake 
And knew this was a dream, somewhat not so nice
Reasons a' rational objects, the justification given

Then I am lost again, so vivid this feeling
My emotions responds to the stories told
Sometimes I am falling, running, am I still lying in bed, dreaming

In a dream state I found my self last night
When the stars seemed so close
And we were all caught in a whirlpool


  1. Sort of stuck in a nightmare when reality is not what it seems. Great little write here

  2. you managed well to transfer the unreal feeling of the photo into a dream...very nice..and have a lovely sunday kodjo!

  3. Great way to close with the whirlpool sky after pondering the reality between one's mental states. Very nice write, Kodjo.

  4. Loved the dangling mystery...just like the photo. Dreams can be very tricky things, can't they?

  5. someone wake me up please...smiles...ah psycodelic dream my friend.

  6. Really deep !
    I love the dream worlds !

  7. You just described how I feel in some of my dreams.

  8. You captured this picture and the journey our dreams can sometimes take...

  9. This would be an incredible dream and i too would want to feel I was awake...very nice dream...bkm

  10. Sounds like your dream space is heavenly... would love to be there.

  11. from the first verse to the last, you put the essence of the photograph into words. wonderful.

  12. You captured the unreality perfectly.

  13. Yes, I have been there in those dreams coming in and out.

  14. Very well done..I liked it..you concluded well..


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