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Sunday, 20 February 2011

For The Silent Gone

Empathy brings to mind old souls 
To honour pillars,  foundations of humanity
For theirs was with loving soul, a loving soul 

An inspiration
He who knew them, knew their care
He who loved them, loved their spirit, their passion

If they could be here today
They did have plenty to say
Just in few words, for they were with proverbs wisdom

As the wise do say
If  the  old souls could be here  this day 
I did have plenty to utter in words to their ears

In appreciation of what road paths they took me on
Our hearts are filled with sorrow of loss
But our joy is to celebrate what life they lived.

And I stand not to share tears of an end
But to say farewell until we meet again,
I will carry the chalice of your souls, your existence 

And your life will live, forever in my memory
This is not to cry sorrow, but to cry joy 
This is to celebrate lives lived

This is to honour old heroes
When  finally new lights wake in unknown world
Know I light a candle to honour your souls here
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  1. Beautifully said. This touched me.

  2. Just in few words, for they were with wisdom

    How poignant! You carry it on, that's for sure. Poetry is about discovery, and you have built a beautiful house to explore.

  3. This is very poignant and beautiful. I especially love "I will carry the chalice of your souls, your existence,and your life will live forever in my memory." One could not promise anything more loving or beautiful. A poem that stirs much empathy in the reader. Well done.

  4. What a wonderful poem to read this evening. I love where this takes me. What words I would utter to those old souls as well. Thank them and ask them so many questions. This is fun to think about.

  5. love this one...

    enjoyed the image.

  6. This is nice, Kodjo. It brings memories real fast of both my grandfathers and two gentlemen that I have worked with. I learned a lot from my grandfathers.
    The first of the other two was an older American Indian. I loved to pick his brain for his thoughts of wisdom. The other had been a sailor in WWII and was in the Naval Reserve when I knew him. He let me go with him on a Sunday family cruise aboard a US battleship.

  7. very poignant ... I am so glad that I have visited your blog. all the best to you.

  8. I came over looking for MF and found a wonderful loving memory. Was very touched by your words.

    I also became a follower.
    Hope you can follow me too.

  9. Deeply nostalgic. We do carry old souls with us wherever we go...until we meet again.
    Poetry book: From Hell With Love http://bit.ly/ic2tED Blog:http://livingwithpoetry.blogspot.com/


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