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Friday, 18 February 2011

Death Of The Autotune

Nothing has changed ,since the summer of 96
With gun shots, spells an end to life
Youngins still shanking in estate codes, post codes
Mourners, mourn the loss of  loved ones
Nothing has changed since the summer of 96

We've all,  just aged a bit
Still loving the same music
Still taking sides
Still left with questions
Who was better?

Still Wondering
What would life be like
If they just stayed at home that day
Still falling in love 
And out of love and back in love

Nothing has changed
Since the summer of 96
Just a few new names 
On the billboard 
Nothing has changed 
In loving memory 



  1. I must confess to feeling a disconnection to all things rap - and I'm not claiming that this is rap - but I could hear it in my head being 'rapped' and Hell - I got it! I'm thrilled that you linked up at my blog hop. So much so that I followed you on GFC and like it and 'cool'ed it! ;) Shah .X

  2. vivid capture of the sentiments...


  3. powerful imagery! like the repetition in the first and last stanzas. . .great emphasis

  4. Hi - Shah from The Weekend Creation Blog Hop at wordsinsync.blogspot.com


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