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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Graffiti On Nature

Colosseums and pyramids, 
Stands as footprints of man
I was here, we were here 
Like graffiti  written on college walls  

Yea, back in the day, them days
I was here, and made my stand
Everything else is silent now 
The choir is without voice now

Old tales, sits in archived memories
Like a genie in a bottle 
I wrote a love letter and placed it in a bottle
I sent it to sea, and wished you did find it 

This is my graffiti on the land scape 
A half broken wall and an old window frame
Yet through the window, blue skies and landscapes
The world can be seen of romance 

Hope you find this place, my little paradise 
And read my inscriptions, graffiti on walls
I was here, we were here, full circle 
Adwoa and Kodjo with love 

This is my graffiti on nature 
My genie in a bottle, I left a bottle at sea
Hope you; seeker of my heart, finds it and let it out 
I found a spot for you and I, where I first laid eyes on you 


  1. Beautiful sentiments. Lovely piece.

  2. I followed you here from your comment on mine, and thank you.

    My, what an interesting reverberation—how we both found such similar echos.

  3. Most beautiful ,,, sweet in its own way :)

  4. Lovely, our grafiti on nature, love The thought you put in my head here. Thanks x

  5. Love how you begin referring to the Colosseum... one the most recognizable, preserved remains of history. The personalization of "Adwoa and Kodjo with love" was very touching. "Like graffiti written on college walls..." Brought me back to the university with that one.

  6. Romantic and wonderful, such strong emotions expressed in a dream-like way.

  7. graffiti and messages left in nature - romantic and beautiful

  8. I really like that first stanza. Well done.

  9. "My genie in a bottle, I found a spot for you and I"
    I enjoyed the entire feel of the poem...the connections you make...the lasting impression you leave on stone and time.

  10. I can totally relate to this one Kodjo

  11. love your graffiti - a unquie and wonderful way to view life throught this window...and setting a place apart for you and Adwoa....bkm

  12. oh my my!! What a beautiful sentiment, Kodjo.. and so sweetly expressed too.... really liked the idea of that letter in a bottle, and graffiti on walls... MOST romantic in this context! Perfection!

  13. nice...i remember this from back in the OSP days....smiles...big fan of graffiti here....some really great lines and glad this one came full circle too...smiles.


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