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Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Meaning

Find the reason, the sound, the notion
Define the awkwardness that lingers
The electric charge between us  

It lives, it breathes, my heart, it runs
And every time we meet, it grows
Find the reason to define this abstract painting 

Count the minutes, the seconds, the breath I take 
The huge anticipation,  to share your presence 
Feel the excitement, the blush, the joy

Define the way I feel, you feel
When we are around each other 
Define, the smiles we share on eye contact 

Find the reason, to define this emotion
Find a word, to bring it to life
Find the love,  that craves it existence 

Say you love me, to settle my heart 
Give the meaning to this enigma 
Give a meaning to bring us to life 


  1. Ahh..I can feel it here..if only the tormentor understood as well.

  2. I love the final stanza. Just beautiful!

  3. Greetings…

    Please help visit a few poets 2 wish them happy birthdays, Thanks!

    Your contribution to our community is highly valued!
    Keep up the excellence!

  4. Wow that is really a beautiful poem. I think I will read it a second time. It is rich and velvety and your words swirl aroound my mouth like a creamy truffle.

  5. Romantically well written...

  6. my first time here and what a surprise!


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